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Leuser: The Last Place on Earth


A story of the most life-rich ecosystem ever documented by science - and the group of ex-poachers turned rangers that are dedicated to protecting it.   

On the Northern tip of Sumatra in Indonesia lies the Leuser Ecosystem - one of the most biodiverse and life-rich ecosystems on the planet. The Leuser Ecosystem provides clean air, water, food and prevention of floods to over 4 million people in the surrounding region of Aceh Province and is the last place on Earth where elephants, orangutans, rhinos and tigers still co-exist together in the wild. In a true David vs. Goliath story, “Leuser: The Last Place on Earth” follows the story of Goldman Environmental Award winner Rudi Putra and his team of park rangers who are protecting their home (the Leuser) from the looming threat of the expansion of large scale illegal palm oil.

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